Lavender field in Tihany, Hungary

Lamborn Lavender

Lavender is one of our primary pursuits here at Lamborn Mountain Farmstead. All of our lavender is grown locally using organic principles. Lavender grows particularly well in the dry Colorado climate.  Our high elevation, 6200 feet, makes for a high quality essential oil that we distill from the flowers right on our farm!

We use the oils in our products and it is also available for sale. Other products made from lavender include:  goat milk soap, lotions, dried and fresh bouquets, sachets, natural bath powder, culinary lavender buds, lavender tea mix, and more.  We sell at the farm, through local outlets and at festivals.  We are a charter member of the Lavender Association of Western Colorado.

The lavender begins blooming in late June through the end of July.  We distill mid-July through mid-August.  Come visit us during one of our events or call us to schedule a visit!

lavender with mt lamborn in the background