Highland Cattle

Highland Cattle

No antibiotics, 100% grass fed

highland cattle steer

Scottish Highland Cattle, also known simply as Highland Cattle are an ancient breed. The first archeological record dates to the 6th century and written records go back to the 12th century.  Their unique horns, stocky build and shaggy hair make them easily recognizable.  (Although we are finding that they often get confused with Yacks.)  Known in Scotland as the “Grande old breed” they were originally kept by small farmers to be used to raise calves for meat and to milk for the family.

The breed, known for it’s hardiness and gentle nature, has gained popularity because their meat is very lean and low in cholesterol.  This appeals to those who have a taste for healthy, naturally grown beef. Because of the profusion of shaggy hair they grow in the winter there is no need to grow a large amount of back fat to keep themselves warm in the winter

Our animals are raised without any antibiotics and are fed exclusively on grass and legumes such as alfalfa and clover.  There is a difference between “grass fed” and  “grass finished” beef.  All cows start out as grass fed calves, but soon after they are weaned they are sent to a feed lot for “finishing,” which often means feeding them a mixture of hay and grain to encourage weight gain over a short period of time.  Our cattle are finished on grass at a weight 950 to 1,000 pounds and 18 to 24 months old.

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