About Us


Lamborn Mountain Farmstead, home to Lamborn Lavender is a family owned farm that sits on Lamborn Mesa, overlooking Paonia, Colorado in the North Fork Valley.

We are a non-traditional farm family of four who grow lavender and raise Scottish Highland Cattle on our small farm located at the base of Mt. Lamborn in Paonia. Couple, James & Carol, and friends Annie & Jacob have been farming together for nine seasons. Carol, who had previously been making soap for Haystack Mt. Goat Dairy in Longmont, started growing lavender to produce essential oil and buds for soap making. From there our small plot of lavender kept growing, along with the cultivars that we grow, and all of our farm-made, lavender-based products. Annie currently runs the lavender side of the farm. Jacob runs and manages the cattle.

What we produce:  As its name suggests, Lamborn Mountain Farmstead has a little bit of everything.  We have chickens, goats, highland cattle, lavender, vegetable and herb gardens and fields of irrigated grass/alfalfa hay.

Products for Sale:  We have lavender and lavender products for sale, goat milk soap, halves and quarters of tender, good tasting, grass finished Highland Cattle beef.